Reliance Healthcare is soon becoming

CCA Health Michigan!

Reliance Healthcare is now part of Commonwealth Care Alliance® (CCA), a national, multi-state healthcare organization focused on improving the health and well-being of people with significant needs.

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About Us

Reliance Healthcare is a confederation of three separate physician organizations comprised of independent practicing physicians located in Southeast Michigan. Member physicians participate in one or more of the Reliance Healthcare affiliated organizations, including the Reliance Accountable Care Organization (RACO), Reliance Next Gen ACO, Reliance Physician Organization of Michigan (RPOM), and the Advance Michigan Physician Organization (AMPO). Physician members have medical staff privileges at numerous hospital throughout the region. Reliance Healthcare facilitates physician participation in government sponsored programs, participation in local and national managed care plans, and helps promote quality and efficiency in healthcare.

Our Mission

The mission of Reliance Healthcare is to encourage the delivery of the highest quality healthcare to patients, while providing value-driven services to our physician members. Reliance Healthcare is also committed to maintaining excellence and integrity in all aspects of our operations and in our professional and business conduct.

Our Vision

Reliance Healthcare will distinguish itself as a leader in locally redefining healthcare delivery and will be recognized for the excellence of its facilities and the passion of its physicians in providing quality overcomes and compassionate, innovative care to the patients they serve.



Reliance Healthcare, which includes Medicare health plans, an ACO, and a 600-doctor physician organization, will become known as CCA Health Michigan

Commonwealth Care Alliance® (CCA), a national, multi-state healthcare organization with proven expertise in complex care coordination and delivery, has completed its majority stake acquisition of Michigan-based Reliance Healthcare. This marks another milestone for CCA’s long-term growth strategy to achieve mission-driven geographic diversification.

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