Reliance Healthcare facilitates physician participation in healthcare plans and provides services that promote quality and efficiency in the practice and business of healthcare. Reliance Healthcare is an organization of 600 independent doctors practicing in Southeast Michigan. Member physicians have medical staff privileges at hospitals throughout the region.

The purpose of Reliance Healthcare includes each of the following:

  • Develop an integrated approach to healthcare delivery in order to provide the highest quality of care in the most cost-effective way possible
  • Enter into value-based contracts on behalf of its physician members with local and national Health Plans
  • Integrated care amongst physicians, hospitals and other non-acute providers in order to minimize waste
  • Participate in the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Physician Group Incentive Program and other managed care physician incentive programs
  • Provide services to its physicians and physician group members such as practice management and group purchasing
  • Using objective benchmarks participate in market competitive, shared risk-taking arrangements that align economic incentives among its physician members
  • Enhance healthcare-related infrastructure and/or business designed to enhance the efficacy of the Members’ medical practices improve their understanding and participation in Federal, State and local initiatives


Becoming part of a large physician network by joining Reliance Healthcare offers many benefits that support the objectives of improving quality and increasing revenue while reducing expenses. We welcome physicians who are committed to these principles to the Reliance family of physician organizations.

Incentive Payments for Your Practice

Physicians who are organized into effective networks and coordinate and improve patient care may be eligible for financial incentives offered by managed care plans including Blue Cross Physician Group Incentive Program (PGIP) and the BCBSM Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH). The Reliance Healthcare team will provide each physician practice with the tools needed in order to optimize quality care, maximize available incentives and grow the practice.

Improved Access

Reliance Healthcare is unique in bringing together one of the most geographically diverse cohort of private practicing physicians into one integrated entity.

Physician Group Incentive Program (P.G.I.P)

Since its inception in 2005, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s Physician Group Incentive Program has supported and facilitated practice transformation using a wide variety of incentives to reward physician organizations for improved performance and healthcare delivery. PGIP includes more than 44 POs from across the state of Michigan, representing over 19,000 primary care and specialty physicians who are members of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan TRUST PPO and/or Traditional Networks. These physicians provide care to nearly two million Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan members.

PGIP encourages all payer collaboration, catalyzing all payer system development, rather than payer-specific system development. Through PGIP, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is helping to improve the quality of care for all Michigan residents. Patients throughout the state, regardless of payer, benefit from the improved care processes developed through the PGIP provider community. Developing systems of care which are used for all patients helps assure that providers don’t have to alter care processes based on whether patients have insurance, or which insurance they have. This is an important factor in ensuring that the best practices and care processes are reliably provided to all patients, all of the time. This all-payer approach to practice transformation is good for patients with coverage from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network and helps further Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s social mission of cultivating a healthier future for all Michigan residents.

The Reliance Health team has been actively involved in the PGIP program since its inception. As a result Reliance Health has developed on-line training materials, templates and practice development tools designed to assist your practice.

For regularly updated information visit http://www.bcbsm.com/provider/value_partnerships/pgip/initiatives.shtml

Patient-Centered Medical Home (P.C.M.H.)

What is it?

Patient-Centered Medical Home is a concept where patients take an active role in their own healthcare, working closely with their primary care physicians to navigate through the healthcare system. The PCP coordinates all of the patients’ care, manages chronic conditions, tracks all medications and tests (prescribed by the PCP or specialists), offers extended office hours and works with other healthcare professionals in an effort to promote total healthcare and avoid complications.

What does this mean for the providers?

The Michigan Blues’ PCMH program is a two-part program developed in step with the physician partners. Phase one includes implementing PCMH features and tools to transform physician practices. Phase two the “designation” of the practice by BCBSM, which is annually reviewed. By accepting the PCMH protocols, the results have been staggering. When comparing PCMH vs. non-PCMH practices for 2015 there was a 10.9 lower adult ER visit rate, 16.3 pediatric ER visit rate, and high tech radiology services decreased by 26%.

In addition, by becoming designated there is a 10% fee uplift from BCBSM with many other payers following suit and adding uplifts to their fee schedules for designated practices.

How Reliance Health will Help

Reliance Health has assisted over 35 practices to achieve PCMH BCBSM “designation”. In addition Reliance Health has worked with over 40 practices to add patient care capabilities and improve reported quality metrics.

How do we do this?

  • PCMH Tactical Success binder
    • Containts templates
    • Community resources
    • Important Contacts
  • On-line training for office staff and physicians
  • On-site practice transformation assistance
  • Direct Reliance representative access

For further assistance, please contact:
Mary Ann Cesarone at 248-957-6953 or mcesarone@advancemipo.com

For regularly updated information visit http://www.bcbsm.com/provider/value_partnerships/pgip/initiatives.shtml


Nazmul Haque, M.D. – CEO/Chairman
Dr. Neil Belgiano, D.O
Dr. Mohamed Siddique, M.D.
Munzer Samad, M.D.
Gene Farber, C.O.O., RPOM
Rodger Prong, RPOM

Medical Management Committees

Reliance Physician Organization / Advance Michigan P.O.

Mohamed Siddique, M.D. – Chairman
Lisa Geffros, M.D.
Conrad Maitland, M.D.
Greg Berger, M.D.
Mary Ann Cesarone – Staff

Reliance Physician Organization / Advance Michigan P.O.

Munzer Samad, M.D. – Chairman
Richard Brown, D.O
Alan Goldsmith, M.D.
Rodger Prong, Executive Director  – Staff
Gene Farber, C.O.O. RPOM

How to Join

Physicians holding a valid Michigan license can call us today for a personalized discussion about the benefits of joining.


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